We don't want to just employ you, we want to empower you
to be a better Christian, leader and servant.

Joining the Awaken Staff Team will be one of the most beneficial things you've
ever done for your personal relationships and professional development.


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People over platforms.
Strong people and strong families build a stronger platform for the Gospel. Being part of the Awaken Staff Team will challenge and change us so deeply that our lives and legacy will never be the same.

Work hard. Celebrate big.
We advance together through doing everything with excellence, working hard in every area, and celebrating all that God is doing along the way.

It’s not about me.
We work with each other and for each other. No one is above any task, and we always seek to honor the Lord by honoring those around us.

No cruise control.
Being on the Awaken Staff Team is not just a paycheck. We’re always moving forward, motivated by the fact that what we do has eternal value. No task is beneath us because Jesus is above us!

What we have, you can have.
Awaken exists not only to serve those who come in our doors, but also those who are outside our doors: our city and other churches. Jesus gave freely, so we give freely.

We are guardians of the vision.
The rest of the church takes its cues from us. We will defend the vision that God has given our Pastors, and lead the way in expectancy, honor, and generosity.

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