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Our Awaken Kids team and Student Ministry leaders are prayerful and purposeful in preparing our upcoming 6th graders for their transition to the sanctuary and into our Awaken Student Ministry. Beginning August 19th, a 4-week transition will take place. This 4-week transition will be as follows:
Our up and coming 6th graders will remain in Kids Corner for welcome and worship. Upon conclusion of worship, they will be escorted to the Social Side LIFT room with their Awaken Student Leaders for a condensed, pre-recorded version of the Sunday morning message, and small group discussion time. During this time, they build relationships with the leaders and other students. Additionally, they will learn how to effectively take notes, how to study their bible and how a typical student group is run.
This year’s 4-week transition group begins August 19th and concludes on September 9th. Upon completion of this group, they will officially graduate into the sanctuary with their family on September 16th  and beginning Wednesday, September 19th, they will officially join Awaken Students.
Throughout this transition, all 6th graders are welcome to join our Kick Off night on August 22nd and any event leading up to their entrance into Awaken Students.





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