Groups Discussion Starters

Week 13 / Over/Under

1) Why is it important to be a servant?

2) How is Jesus’ style of leadership different from how the world says you should lead?

3) What are some risks in receiving a title and position in church? How can we protect ourselves from those risks?
4) Why is integrity more important than ability?

5) After 13 weeks of meeting together, what is your biggest takeaway from your experience with this group?

Week 12 / Follow the Leader

1) How do church leaders effect the church?

2) What is the difference between sinless and blameless? What does it mean to live a blameless life?

3) Why is it important for a pastor to manage their households well as a qualification for the leadership role?

4) In what ways can we continuously pray for our spiritual leaders? Be specific.

5) What is your role in this movement? What are some areas of your life that is stopping you from taking on a leadership role?

Week 11 / A Dinner Party & A Death

1) People will be drawn to the Power of God. How have you experienced this in your life? 
2) Have you ever shared the gospel with someone? Discuss how it went. 
3) What opposition have you experienced because you are a Christian? How did you respond? 
4) Since the devil is the reason for your opposition, how is the best way to deal with it?
5) Have you been able to to take advantage of opportunites the Lord has put in front of you despite the opposition? How did that impact you?
6) There is a ripple effect when people give their lives to Christ. Who are the people in your life that has led to you knowing Christ? 

Week 10 / The End Is The Beginning

1) Have you ever wanted something from God and haven't received it. How did that impact you?
2) Are you ok with God working things out in his timing? Why is it important to trust in God's timing? 
3) When you are facing challenging situations in your life, do you first go to Christ with your problems? 
4) How does your doubt affect your faith? How do you battle your doubt?
5) You can approach your problems from a wordly perspectice or a Christ perspective. How does each approach effect the results of each? 

Week 9 / And The Crowd Goes Wild!

1) Why is worship a weapon we can use in war? How can we use it?

2) What are some things that prevents us from worship? How can we jumpstart our worship?

3) What are some ways we can continue to worship God throughout the week apart from Sunday church services?

4) What do believers miss out on when they choose silence over worship?

5) How can a believer’s lifestyle reflect the worthiness of God in their lives?

Week 8 / Because Grace

1) Why does God use us to work through instead of just doing it Himself?
2) As Christians and in the church it is better to be cooperative rather than competitive. Why is it better and what impact does it have? 
3) Why is it important to use the gifts God has given us?
4) How do you identify the gifts God has given us? 
5) What are the gifts God has given you? 
6) How and where specially can you use your gifts for the church? 

Week 7 / A Place For Everyone & Everyone In Their Place


1) What is the difference between unity and uniformity? How can uniformity be dangerous to the church body?

2) Why is church not a place to draw attention to ourselves?

3) What resources can you use to research the cultural context of the Scriptures? Why must you be careful when it comes to sources outside of the Bible?

4) What are some of the different roles in the church?

5) What team are you serving on here at Awaken? If you’re not serving, what is holding you back from finding your place on a team?

Week 6 / The Exclusively All-Inclusive Gospel


1) What does it look like to pray for your enemies?

2) How does prayer prevent bitterness? How does it change us?

3) In what ways can we be praying for those in authority (elected officials, leaders, pastors, bosses)? Why is it important to do so?

4) Have you ever prayed for someone’s salvation and seen them come to Christ? How do you remain faithful to that prayer after years without seeing the result?

5) What does it mean that Jesus is the mediator and ransom between God and man? What does that personally mean to you?

Week 5 / Full Sails & Wrecked Ships


1) How does God's truth drive us forward in warfare? What are the dangers of people giving into other's opinion as opposed to relying on God's truth?
2) If believing and obeying are our weapons for war, what are some ways that we leave ourselves defenseless in warfare?
3) What are some warning signs that you are about to shipwreck?
4) How does God use the pain of our rebellion to get our attention?
5) Share, as you feel led, your story of how God has saved and restored you from shipwreck.

Week 4 / Grace is What Drives The Movement


1) How does God use imperfect people to do His work? Describe some imperfect people in the bible that God used in mighty ways.
2) How can you use your story to further the Gospel? What stops people from using their stories?
3) What is the difference between God's justice and God's grace?
4) Why is ignorance dangerous to everyone, including believers? What does Hosea 4:6 say about ignorance?
5) What are some things that hinder people from believing they are not worthy of God's grace? Discuss various bible verses to combat those hindrances.

Week 3 / Good News-Bad News


1) Discuss ways that people misuse Scripture in today’s society?

2) Since God’s law is the standard, what does it look like to live under the law without contradicting God’s grace?

3) What is the difference between knowing the law and repentance? Why does a person who lives a good life still need a Savior?

4) Discuss a few sins that our culture embraces that are contrary to sound doctrine. What steps can we take to ensure we are always following God’s plan?

5) What are some practical ways you can accomplish the commission you’ve been entrusted with both in the church and in your daily life?

Week 2 / The Heartbeat of the Movement


1) Have you ever found yourself following the path of least resistance method for life? Why is that method not healthy for you spiritually?
2) What are the benefits of working through conflict in life and at Church in a healthy way? 

3) What is the value of being planted in a local church and making it your home?

4) What difference to does it make in peoples lives when they follow the Bible as God's infallible truth? 

5) The Love of God should be our primary aim as the church. How can we better make that our aim?

Week 1 / Join the Movement


1) What does it mean for Jesus to be the founder of the church?
2) Jesus turned the apostle Paul’s life around so Paul could be used for the Lord’s work. Has God every turn something around in your life and used it for the Lord’s purpose? Discuss it. 
3) What is the value of having a Paul (mentor) and Timothy (someone you disciple) in your own life? 
4) Why is it more important for Christians to be known for what they stand for instead of what they are against? 
5) Even though Jesus is the founder of the church, he has used people to help build it. Why has God chosen to use people to help build the church?